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Complete Guide to Creating a Learning Pod

Pandemic learning pods are popping up and if you’re a parent, you may be wondering, how do I get involved or even create my own pod? It can seem intimidating, especially with the added stress of COVID-19, but we’re here to help get you started. Check out our complete guide to create your learning pod!

Equity and Pods

Our CEO, Mike Teng, examines the inequality of learning pods, the solution that some parents are using to deal with the effects of the pandemic on their children's education. Mike looks at the effect learning pods may have on public school funding and proposes a way of making these pods more accessible to families who might not be able to afford it.

How to Hire a Teacher for Your Learning Pod

With pandemic pods rapidly gaining popularity, you might be scrambling to set up your own in-home learning pod. It’s a stressful time, juggling your child’s distance learning set-up while trying to work or maintain your household responsibilities at the same time. But take a deep breath!

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Finding a Pod Teacher: Tips from Swing Parents

Let’s be real: none of us were expecting to be searching for a teacher to come into our homes in the midst of a pandemic and support our children’s learning and development, yet here we are. The Swing team - particularly those of us who are parents - have put together these guidelines to help you navigate finding the best teacher for your family and pod!

Finding a Pod Teacher: A Guide for Your Interview

Interviewing is an important part of the hire process when choosing the teacher for your learning pod. Keep in mind to ask questions that give you both insight on teaching styles as well as a commitment to health and safety. And remember, it’s a two-way street. Always leave time for the interviewee to ask their own questions at the end. Check out this “cheat sheet” for prepping your interview.

How to Avoid The Nanny Tax with Bubbles

Finding a private teacher is exciting! Your kids are set up for some quality at-home learning and you now have time to get work done without the kids needing attention every few minutes. With the kids engaged and some time to yourself, it might seem like you have everything under control. However, one aspect that is easily overlooked when hiring a private teacher is your payment method.

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Four Ways Remote Work Impacts Parents

Parents have been faced with many challenging decisions since the coronavirus hit and as school closures continue, it has put a whole new stress on working parents. For many, working from home has become the new norm and companies have shifted their policies to allow employees to work remotely through 2020 or longer, and some indefinitely.

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The Risks of Sending Your Kid to Childcare or Camp

Over 60% of families reported having trouble finding childcare as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The difficulty of parents having to work from home, school and childcare closures, and concerns over health and safety have all contributed to the growing challenges families face. 

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Pods or Nannies? Making a Safe Decision

Early school years may not provide a full day of education, so you will need to find a quality childcare or after school option in a safe and engaging environment. Some factors to prioritize in your decision include: safety of the space, absence of screen time, variety of stimulating activities, and other children of similar age.