Pricing and FAQ


Bubbles half days covers 15 hours/week, full days cover 30 hours/week. Additional tuition may be charged for specific teacher requirements. Sign up to add additional weekly hours and to grow your Bubble to 5-8 students.




a week per pod 

for 3-4 students




a week per pod 

for 3-4 students




per hour 

for 1-2 students

General Info

What is a Learning Bubble?

A learning bubble is a safe in-person learning environment that complements virtual instruction from schools, including student supervision and socialization. Learning Bubble Teachers have classroom experience, and will support the distance learning curriculum administered by your children’s school. In-person (most popular) and virtual support are both options you can choose when building your learning pod.

How can I start a Learning Bubble with Swing?

Here are the steps below:

  1. First, complete our online form
  2. Then, speak with your Matching Specialist to discuss your needs
  3. Choose between full or half days, filled with a set of customized activity blocks
  4. Meet your pod teacher and confirm details, sign contracts and set up payments

Can we have different age/grade levels in the pod?

Yes! We understand that you may have a mixed age and grade level group, and our teachers are prepared to help each student stay on track with distance learning and complete their assignments

Who are your teachers?

Our highly skilled teachers have years of PreK-12 classroom experience. Whether you’re looking for subject matter expertise or general instructional support, we’ll find the right fit amongst our diverse mix of teachers. All of our teachers go through a screening process including background checks and health screens.

What are the COVID protocol/expectations for parents and teachers?

Swing has in place strict safety and health guidelines to help protect both your family and our educators. All Learning Pods are required to comply with Swing’s basic safety criteria which includes minimizing exposure, and taking actions daily to mitigate the risk of spread. Each lead parent and teacher must sign our Covid-19 acknowledgement in order to complete the process.

Is there a long term commitment required?

Learning Bubble commitments start at a minimum of 1 month. The most popular timeframe for most of our Learning Bubbles includes the first semester of the 2020/2021 school year. If you choose to cancel your Learning Bubble we ask that you notify us at least 28 days in advance

What happens to my learning bubble during school breaks and holidays?

You only pay for holidays and breaks that the teacher works. In the onboarding process, parents and teachers will agree on a Holiday calendar, which can be based on the District Calendar. You won’t be charged for days in the Holiday Calendar when the teacher doesn't work.


We're not currently accepting new pod applicants at this time.