Distance learning with less stress, more success

Help your kids will thrive in our in-person, teacher-led programs and activities!

Your family, your program

Your pod, your schedule—your choice. Choose a half-day or full-day program, and we’ll craft daily activities based on your preferences.

*Pricing varies by location and pod size and will be covered with a matching specialist.

Daily activities to choose from

Your pod’s personalized mix might include distance-learning supervision, homework help, STEM, arts, or other activities, and outdoor play. It’s up to you! 


Distance Learning Supervision

Includes log-in and tech support,  DL curriculum facilitation and support 


Homework Help

Includes assignments from the district teacher


Academic Enrichment

Includes lessons on STEAM subjects, Math, ELA, World Languages, and more.


Fun Activities for Play or Rest

Includes arts & music, sports, mindfulness, quiet time, snack time, and more.

Hiring can be a headache

Swing does it all for you

We handle federal and state taxes, worker's compensation and benefits, insurance, liability, and all other important legal requirements.

Start your learning pod!

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