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Guide for Parents

How to Make a Safe Decision for Your Student:
Pods vs. the Nanny


Bubbles by Swing Education


As parents, the decisions you have to make about your students have been drastically affected by COVID-19 and the closure of schools and childcare facilities. Specifically, when your student is between the ages of 0-8, activities that will encourage strong childhood development are necessary. Early school years may not provide a full day of education, so you will need to find a quality childcare or after school option in a safe and engaging environment. Some factors to prioritize in your decision include: safety of the space, absence of screen time, variety of stimulating activities, and other children of similar age. When it comes to keeping your student’s best interest in mind, we’ve listed four advantages to learning pods to help guide you in your decision.

Advantages to Learning Pods:

1. In-person Socialization

It’s likely that your student misses spending time with his or her friends and interacting with other students in the same age range. Nannies are a great option for caring for your children, and you may get the added help around the house; however, nothing can mirror the ability for your student to connect with peers. The pandemic has left many feeling isolated, including students who are used to seeing their friends and peers at school every day. Having just one or two additional students in your child’s routine can increase emotional health and facilitate a strong learning environment.

2. Hands-on Learning

Parents are busy and have to juggle even more roles during the pandemic, including teacher. As a parent, you’ve most likely found yourself in situations when you are forced to preoccupy your student in order to hop on a work call or get a chore done around the house. In the key years when your student is developing mental, social, and physical skills, it is necessary to provide personalized activities that ensure your student thrives. A learning pod program provides enrichment activities customized to what your student needs based on his or her age and grade level, including subjects that are not being taught through distance learning like P.E. and music. 

3. Engaging and Enriching Sessions

Learning pods add more layers to your student’s day than childcare or an after school program. Pod teachers are seasoned educators and are able to enhance your student’s knowledge and advance them, so they are not held back due to the challenges of distance learning. Additionally, pod teachers have subject matter experience, which further reinforces the distance learning content from your student’s school. When a pod teacher comes and creates a classroom environment, it gives your student the ability to differentiate home/playtime and learning time. This separation will lead to a more productive learning experience and give your student an environment similar to the classroom.


4. Ease of Hiring Pod Teachers

With everything that is expected of parents at this time, you shouldn’t have to add the burden of employing a nanny on your own. When you establish your learning pod with Bubbles by Swing Education, we take care of everything from background checks to payroll and taxes. While we take on logistics, you are still able to personally interview and choose your student’s teacher, and customize the days and times the learning pod will take place to work best with your needs.

When it comes to making the best decision for your student, it’s important to cultivate the joy of learning and social development. Keep in mind the key factors in finding a safe and engaging learning environment for students at any age, and watch as they continue to grow in this time of distance learning. Go here, for more information on Bubbles.

About Bubbles by Swing Education

Bubbles by Swing Education will match parents with a qualified, experienced K-12 teacher to provide in-home education for a learning pod of two to eight students. Founded in 2015, Swing Education provides educators for K-12 schools. The company comprehensively recruits, screens, and prepares educators to fill teacher and support staff absences. To date, Swing Education has helped more than 2,500 school partners and over 5 million students. To learn more about Swing Education, visit www.swingeducation.com.