How to Hire a Teacher for Your Learning Pod


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With pandemic pods rapidly gaining popularity, you might be scrambling to set up your own in-home learning pod. It’s a stressful time, juggling your child’s distance learning set-up while trying to work or maintain your household responsibilities at the same time. But take a deep breath! There are now resources to help you navigate pandemic pods and find the right teachers. The first to-do is to create your learning pod and figure out the logistics to it. Once this is done, comes the most important aspect as a parent -- careful consideration while choosing your pod teacher.

Find your pod teacher

There are several places to look when searching for a pod teacher, including community groups on Facebook or through other local family resources and organizations. But if you need a simple solution to find screened, vetted, and experienced educators that are ready to go, Bubbles by Swing Education might be a good option for you. Our process is simple, all you need to do is complete our form and one of our matching specialists will contact you to learn more about your learning pod needs and what plan might be right for you. You’ll receive free teacher profiles and have a chance to fully vet out which teacher would be the best fit for your pod.

Take the interview seriously

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few teachers, it’s time to interview. Make sure you’re covering all bases during this process. The teacher you choose not only will be spending time with your child and pod members, but also will be teaching and interacting inside of your home. Ask questions that give both the opportunity for the candidate to explain their ability to support your pod’s learning needs and that allow you to explore whether you can trust their ability to positively contribute to your pod’s environment and safety. You’ll want to feel confident that you’re prepared for the interview and able to make your candidate feel comfortable. And check out this quick guide with leading questions to ask your teacher candidate when conducting an interview.

Stay compliant

There are a few important details to consider when hiring a private teacher for your learning pod. Essentials like pay, taxes, health insurance, liabilities, health screening, etc. are all important when hiring someone for a job. Don’t get caught making the mistake of falling out of compliance.

  • Pay - On top of the agreed upon pay for your private teacher, keep in mind you may also need to pay for their travel-related expenses, meals, and extra materials. This article about how much a tutor costs can give you an idea about some things you may need to pay for in addition to the pay rate. 

  • Taxes - Depending on where you live, if you are paying your private teacher over a certain threshold, you’ll want to be compliant with taxes. Care.com shared a really thorough guide on nanny taxes and this one for similar information about part-time caregiver taxes (both comparable to private teacher taxes). You might also want to check out the IRS’s Child and Dependent Care Expenses.

  • Health insurance - Especially during a pandemic, you’ll want your private teacher covered with health insurance. Explore companies like via Homepay to find out more information on how you can provide health benefits for your teacher.

  • Liability - If you’re planning on personally employing your private teacher, you’ll definitely need to be aware of all liabilities. Ask your teacher for references and follow up with everyone on their list. Complete a background check to be sure of no criminal activity. You’ll also want to make sure they are fingerprinted and complete a TB test. And if you don’t want to worry about background checks, all of our learning pod teachers at Bubbles by Swing Education covers FBI fingerprinting and additional screening have already undergone an extension background check including fingerprinting .

Bubbles by Swing Education takes away the burden to figure out pay rates, payroll, taxes, insurance, and liabilities for your hired pod teacher. Teacher/pod agreements and weekly teacher payment is handled through Swing so that you don’t have to worry about getting it right. All educators provided via our platform are checked for you and your pod’s safety. Swing educators are extensively screened including fingerprinting, background checks, and health screens. Go here, for more information on Bubbles.

About Bubbles by Swing Education

Bubbles by Swing Education will match parents with a qualified, experienced K-12 teacher to provide in-home education for a learning pod of two to eight students. Founded in 2015, Swing Education provides educators for K-12 schools. The company comprehensively recruits, screens, and prepares educators to fill teacher and support staff absences. To date, Swing Education has helped more than 2,500 school partners and over 5 million students. To learn more about Swing Education, visit www.swingeducation.com.